YH4L College Board

Back in 2016, a number of Executive Junior Board members graduated from high school and set out on their college adventure.  It wasn’t long before we heard back from a number of them asking how they could bring YH4L to their school.  After a number of phone calls, emails, and meetings, the College Board of YH4L was established in 2017.  These young men and women are working with YH4L to share our mission with their communities.  Check back to see the exciting things they are doing.

Executive College Board Members

Mitch Collins    

  Mitch is a junior comprehensive science major at Villanova University and follows the pre-med track. Mitch has been a part of YH4L since his junior year of high school where he served as vice-president of the junior board for 2 years. At Villanova, he works as a tour guide and ambassador and just recently became an EMT. 





Valentine Geze



Jeff Marek

Jeff is a junior at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo.  He is majoring in Biomedical Engineering with thoughts of going to medical school.  Jeff approached YH4L in 2014 about starting a Junior Board with high school students.  He served as the first president of the board while organizing the first YH4L 5K run.  At Wash U, Jeff  is involved with a number of activities.  Some of these are research, Bear Cubs, Student Athletic Advisory Committee, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Varsity football.




Ben Mazza  

 Ben is a junior Biology major at Villanova University and follows the pre-med track. Ben has been a part of YH4L since his Junior year of high school where he worked as the Vice-President of Special Events on the Junior Board for 2 years. Currently, Ben works as a campus EMT, a committee member for NOVAdance, and a student-leadership class facilitator. 




Sara Mohama


Claire Moran

Claire Moran is a Junior Nursing major at Villanova University. She has been involved with YH4L since her sophomore year of High School, where she has served as the Secretary of the Junior Board for 2 years in high school, the Secretary of the College Board, and the Secretary of the Villanova Chapter of YH4L. At Villanova, Claire is a Villanova ambassador, a director of the accepted students’ weekends, a student leadership class facilitator, and director of scholarship for her sorority.