Bonnie B. Meyers Memorial Fund

Bonnie was a bright light—leaving an indelible mark on everyone she met. She made you feel seen, heard, and special. She’s been described as a force, the glue, and a rock. She was smart, witty, fun, generous, beautiful, empathetic, honest and kind. But most of all, Bonnie had a heart full of love for others–always caring deeply for family, friends and the community.

Bonnie passed suddenly on September 15, 2023 while playing pickleball with her husband and friends. She was 70 years young and about to celebrate her 51st wedding anniversary.

Bonnie had many loved ones affected by cardiac conditions; both she and her daughter have mitral valve prolapse. Her grandson, Mikey, was born with a congenital heart defect that was fortunately detected at 5 weeks old, resulting in an 8-hour open heart surgery to successfully repair a coarctation of the aorta. Multiple members of her family have either volunteered at YH4L events or received screenings at their local high school.

Bonnie would have been thrilled to know your donation may help save young lives. Through this charity, we hope countless others will now have the opportunity to live a life full of happiness, laughter and love–just as Bonnie’s life was. She touched the hearts of everyone she knew, and we know this legacy will continue far beyond her own life.

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