Meet Our Staff


YH4L is fortunate to have many wonderful Team Members along with over 18,000 community volunteers to support us in our mission to decrease sudden death.  The YH4L Staff works with these volunteers to accomplish our goals.



Denise Arenz 

YH4L Program Director – Denise Arenz has a passion for giving back.  She joins YH4L after years of successful management positions, and 15 plus years of volunteering at Notre Dame Parish and School, Mend a Heart and other local charities.  Denise has volunteered for YH4L in the past.  Volunteering and service to others have been a core value in raising her 2 teenage sons with her husband, Jim.

Denise’s favorite quotes are  “Be the change you wish to see in the world” (Gandhi) and “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire” (St Katherine of Siena).

Monica Bremner

YH4L Registered Nurse – Monica joins YH4L with over 25 years of nursing experience.  Monica has primarily worked as a Critical Care Nurse over the course of her nursing career.  She has always loved providing direct patient care and establishing a rapport with patients and their families.   She also taught nursing at Loyola University Chicago and is a lifelong advocate for education and the nursing profession.  Most recently, Monica worked as a school nurse and was able to promote health and wellness, educate the school community and care for injured or sick students.   Monica is passionate about the mission of YH4L!  She views her role as the YH4L nurse as more of a life opportunity than a job.  To be able to possibly prevent a tragedy through screening students, or to be there for a family who has lost a loved one, or to educate the public on sudden cardiac death awareness…. she views all of this as a way to do good and help others.  Monica is enthusiastic to work with the many volunteers at YH4L.  They are the reason why the YH4L model works so well.  Monica is married to her husband, Mike.  They have four children; Luke, Anna, Molly and Clare.  Monica enjoys spending time with her very active family and friends.  She loves watching college basketball, all levels of baseball, and any local musical production.  Monica and her family look forward to their yearly beach vacation to the east coast to visit family and friends!!

20160721_085252Jodi Liebelt

Administrative Assistant