Thank you to our very generous sponsors.  

We could not do this without each of you!

Because of our very generous donors, YH4L is able to offer these screenings for an extremely low cost.  The sponsors you see listed below, along with the YH4L donors, sponsored the schools so all of the screenings could be offered to all  students FREE of charge.

Interested in sponsoring an event and saving lives?  Email us at 

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School Year 2019-2020

Organizations co-sponsoring with YH4L for each school


Reavis High School                         Bobo’s Fund for Young Hearts          Reavis High School


Downers Grove South HS         Kenneth Holland Memorial Fund         District 99 Education Foundation


William Fremd High School              William Fremd High School


St. Laurence High School               


Schaumburg High School          Schaumburg High School


Oswego East High School        Oswego East High School      


Lyons Township North  HS                Lyons Township High School


Lyons Township South HS              Lyons Township High School


Aurora Christian High School          Aurora Christian High School


East Aurora High School             


Plainfield Central HS         Plainfield Central High School    


Plainfield East HS        Plainfield East High School     


Montini Catholic HS           


Geneva Community HS      


Addison Trail HS      


Downers Grove North HS                 

                                                     Mark Crabtree YH4L Memorial Fund          Dist 99 Education Foundation


Naperville North HS      


*  Shortened School Year due to covid.

School Year 2018-2019

Organizations co-sponsoring with YH4L for each school


JB Conant High School                  

Nazareth Academy                   



Benet Academy             



Oswego High School     

Hinsdale South High School      

Richards High School     

York High School     

Shepard High School      

Christ the King High School                      


St. Charles North     


Glenbard West        


Glenbard South              


Palatine High School        


Mercy Home for Boys and Girls   


Plainfield North High School          


Metea Valley High School          


Neuqua Valley Main              


Neuqua Valley Freshman             


Immaculate Conception High School  


Plainfield South High School      


West Aurora High School    Dreyer AMG Medical Clinic       West Aurora Mothers Club and Boosters


St. Francis High School    


Larkin High School    


Joliet Catholic High School      


Eisenhower High School      


Waubonsie High School        


Oak Park River Forest High School    

School Year   2017-2018

Organizations co-sponsoring with YH4L for each school

Hinsdale Central High School:                   just1mike   

                                              Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital  

Reavis High School:              Bobbo’s Fund for Young Hearts  – Thank you Regalado Family

                                                       Reavis High School     

Lemont HS:                     Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital    

                                                    Lemont High School :  

St. Laurence High School:           TEAM PODZ            

                                                               Fr.  Norman Trela – Thank you Fr. Trela

Naperville Central HS:         Edward-Elmhurst Health     

Downers Grove South HS:        Ken Holland Memorial Foundation  – Thank you Holland Family

                                                 Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital    

                                                           District 99 Education Foundation  

Downers Grove North HS:     Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital  

                                                        District 99 Education Foundation  

Naperville North High School:   Edward-Elmhurst Health  

Oswego East High School:          Oswego East High School  

                                                       Edward-Elmhurst Health  

Barrington High School:          Advocate Good Shepard Hospital  

Hoffman Estates HS:                   Hoofin’ 4 Hardy   

Montini High School:      Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital   

                                                    Montini High School   

St Charles East HS:                    St. Charles East High School   

Geneva Community HS:           Northwestern Memorial Foundation  

                                                           Kristoffer Larsen Memorial Foundation  

Willow brook High School:            Edward-Elmhurst Health  

Addison Trails High School:         Edward-Elmhurst Health  

East Aurora High School:                 TEAM PODZ   


Lyons Township South High School:


Lyons Township North High School:

South Elgin High School:                               EKGs for EGK Foundation    

Schaumburg High School:                                 Hoofin’ 4 Hardy  

School Year    2016-2017

Organizations co-sponsoring with YH4L for each school


New Prairie/La Porte Schools:      Play for Jake Foundation    

Neuqua Valley (Freshman):            Edward-Elmhurst Health    

                                                         Indian Prairie Education Foundation    

Neququa Valley Main:           Edward-Elmhurst Health            

                                                 Indian Prairie Education Foundation    

York High School :              Edward-Elmhurst Health     

Oswego High School:            Edward-Elmhurst Health     

                                                      Misc. Donors

St. Charles North High School:       St. Charles North High School    

Christ the King High School :       Young Hearts for Life Junior Board     

Glenbard South High School:    Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital    

Fremd High School:                   Hoofin’4 Hardy     

Immaculate Conception:        Eileen McMahon YH4L Memorial Fund       

Metea High School:                Edward-Elmhurst Health    

                                                    Indian Prairie Education Foundation   

Larkin High School:                EKGs for EGK Foundation  

                                                 Advocate Sherman Hospital       

West Aurora High School:           Advocate Dreyer         


Palatine High School:                   Hoofin’4 Hardy       

Conant High School:                     Hoofin’4 Hardy             

Oak Lawn High School:           Tim Nickos YH4L Memorial Fund   

                                                      Advocate Children’s Hospital    

Joliet Catholic High School:    Team PODZ      

Waubonsie High School:       Edward-Elmhurst Health     

                                               Indian Prairie Education Foundation   

Benet Academy:        Eileen McMahon YH4L Memorial Foundation   

                                    Patricia Marek YH4L Memorial Foundation     

                                       Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital    

Chicago Hope Academy:       Thank you Tom Cole for your sponsorship