David Alexandre Maire Memorial

David Alexandre Maire was born on June 13th, 1990 to his loving parents Andrea and Robert Maire. On January 1st, 2016 David went to sleep in the evening and during the night experienced a sudden fatal cardiac event to which he had experienced no symptoms prior. He was 25 years old at the time of his death. His family has struggled to come to terms with the finality of this tragic event. He was a much-loved son and older brother to his sister Gabrielle and brother Alec.

 David lived his life exactly on his own terms and was fiercely independent. His self-taught computer programming skills landed him a dream job without even finishing his college degree. He was financially independent from an early age and lived in one of the most hipster areas in Brooklyn of which he was so proud. He could fix any computer you threw his way and did so with an amazingly comedic scowl. Everyone who knew him relied on his expertise. One of his favorite pastimes was buying old cars in which only he saw potential. He would take them apart is his parent’s garage, much to their disdain, and put them back together better than before, often with little to no profit. He loved Black Friday shopping with his family more than any holiday and looked forward to buying up electronics galore. Last year his cart was full of speakers that stood over 6 feet tall with arms full of Nerf Guns.

 David was a shy individual but once you were his friend, it was forever. He was always finding new ways to learn and grown. In his last few dDavid Maire Carays he had purchased an old 1982 Crown Victoria and had registered for classes with a plan to complete his college degree. In his brief life, David made a significant impact on his friends and family. His onslaught of cars, obsession with cats and anime, sarcastic humor, love for black clothing, and laugh will be forever loved and missed.