Tim Nickos Memorial

tim-swingTim’s father, Dale, talks about his son who was taken too soon at the age of 17:

“My son Tim Nickos was truly an amazing kid. He was a lot of fun to be with or around. He lived every day to the fullest by inspiring and motivating many through his contagious smile and goofy sense of humor. He was truly loved by many. We never knew how much Tim did for everyone around him until we heard the stories from his friends. Tim was gong to be the Captain of the Oak Lawn Community High School varsity swim team his senior year. He was also a proud member of the OLCHS band. Most importantly, Tim always provided for everyone around him.  Tim was tragically taken from us in his sleep at the young age of 17. He had a heart condition called Cardiomegaly tim-walking-away(enlarged heart) that went undiagnosed. This led to cardiac arrhythmia, which took his life on June 28th 2011.

I wish I would have known about YH4L sooner. If I would have, in 2010 my son Tim would most likely still be here today. I really hope that any time someone hears about what happened to Tim, it educates them about these conditions that can take the lives of our youth.

It is such a simple test to that can save a life. I wish everyone knew.”